Branding or Lead Generation Websites: Which is right for your business?

Branding Website

What is a branding website?
A branding website is designed to convey your brand message and provide all the basic information about your business:
  • Who you are (about your firm)
  • What you do (your services)
  • Who yo do it for (your clients)
Branding websites are very basic and don't require a lot of extra functionality and are referred to as brochure websites.
Why Choose A Branding Website
Branding websites do not need to be boring. Nor do they necessarily need to lack interactivity or even some educational content. A well conceived branding website can still play an important role in closing new business. Here are some of the circumstances that might be well suited to a branding site:
  • A startup when it is still sorting out its target clients and service offerings
  • A firm that does not need to generate or nurture leads online (they come from another source)
  • A firm that does not have enough resources to fund or support a lead generating website
In the absence of these limitations, a lead generating site is usually a better choice.
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Lead Generation Website

What is a lead generation website?
Lead generating websites are designed and optimized to generate and nurture a consistent flow of new business leads, appointments and clients. This type of website typically requires:
  • a marketing & sales funnel
  • conversion copywriting
  • persuasive design elements
  • resource section that contains free content
  • a content marketing strategy
  • a series of well-thought-out offers
  • extra functionality such as landing pages, a blog, and email marketing software
  • a budget for pay-per-click advertising 
Lead generation websites are high performance marketing websites.
Why Choose A Lead Generation Website
A site capable of consistently generating and nurturing new business leads is typically more complex, expensive and time consuming to manage than a branding website. A lead generating website is a good choice in these situations:

• You have a need to generate and nurture new business leads
• You have expertise to share with potential clients
• You want to increase the visibility and strength of your brand
• You want to increase growth or profitability
• You have sufficient resources to adequately fund the site (a
lead generating website typically costs 20–50% more because
of the added requirements) until it yields the longer term
growth and profitability benefits
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