Rule 6

Rule 6: Optimize For Conversions

What is conversion optimization?

Conversion optimization is fine tuning your website with the goal of converting more visitors into customers. The higher your conversion rate is, the more customers you get.
It’s the process of scientifically changing elements of your business website in an attempt to make your site more effective. These elements can include web pages, landing pages, images, words and processes used on your site, or simply taking away elements, such as graphics and text, that are cluttering up your website.
It is the cheapest, quickest way to increase sales online.
"Think about this: if you’re currently converting at 1% (1% of your visitors contract your services or buy your products), but can increase that to a mere 2%, you’ve doubled your sales."

It’s All About Testing

Conversion optimization is about testing. Most businesses are not happy with their online conversion rate. Businesses who are happy with their conversion rates did on average 40% more tests than those companies who were dissatisfied.
One of the most common online testing methods for conversion rate optimization is A/B Split Testing.
In an A/B Split Test there are two versions of a web page, version A and version B.
Version A is an existing web page and version B is the alternative test page.
Your website traffic is randomly split (50/50) so that half of the traffic sees version A and the other half sees version B until each version has enough traffic and enough conversions for the test to be statistically valid and a wining version can be declared. Usually a statistical confidence level of 95% is the goal to declare a wining web page.
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