Rule 2

Rule 2: Use Web Design Convensions

Make Your Visitors Feel At Home

Web design conventions are a set of rules that help visitors “feel at home” on your site even if it’s the first time they visit it.
Several web design elements are common enough that visitors to your website expect them to always be located in the same place and work in a certain way.
"Visitors form their expectations about your site based on what's commonly done on other sites. If you deviate, your site will be harder to use and visitors will leave."
A simple example of a web design convention is the location and functionality of your logo. Your logo should be placed in the top left hand corner of every web page and when clicked on it should take you to your homepage. You’d be surprised how many business websites don’t use this common web design convention.
There are several key web design conventions that need to be incorporated into a business website so it has the best chance of being successful.
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