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Local search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to the success of your website

Some businesses are in the very privileged position of a having service or product that people are searching for using Google.

Local SEO is a process in which small business website owners can improve their page ranking on major search engines. When people search for "local keywords" related to their business (such as, for example, "Vancouver Lawyer"), their website will appear on the first page.

Every local keyword phrase receives traffic each month from search engines. When your business website appears on the first page of Google search results, or other major search engines such as Yahoo!, MSN, and Bing, for a specific local keyword phrase, you have the best chance of driving targeted traffic to your website.

Why is getting on the first page of Google search results so important?

When people use Google to search for a product or information, over 90% of them click on links that appear on the first page. This means that if your website is not on the first page of the Google search engine result pages, you are missing out on many business opportunities.

How long does it take to get on the first page of Google search results?

We have one goal! To rank your 3 primary local keywords on the first page of Google within six months. It generally takes 6 months to see significant improvement of your keyword rankings on Google. If your priority keywords have little competition, we can rank them more easily in less than 6 months.

Who should use local search engine optimization?

Typically local keywords have a low volume of searches. For this reason we only recommend that businesses with "high profit margins" and "recurring customers" that are located in larger towns and cities, undertake local search engine optimization campaigns. Examples include lawyers, dentists, cosmetic & plastic surgeons, orthodontists, etc. as they tend to have large profit margins for their services as well as many recurring customers. Many trades such as electricians, plumbers and contractors can also benefit from local search engine optimization campaigns. Before committing to a local search engine campaign you have to carefully consider the cost/benefit ratio of investing in a local search engine campaign. 

Businesses with low search volumes that are selling services or products with low profit margins with few or no recurring customers will most likely not see a return on their investment.

How much will it cost?

Setting up a successful local search engine optimization campaign requires 3 steps:

Step 1: Keyword Research

This is the most important phase in setting up a local search engine optimization campaign.

Keyword research will provide you with valuable information as to whether or not you should implement a local search engine optimization campaign. If there isn't a significant number of people searching for your products or services or if there is too much competition for your local keyword phrases, there is no point conducting a local search engine optimization campaign.

We determine which 3 local keywords are the most effective to drive traffic to your site.

Not all local keywords are created equal and we specialize in identifying those local keyword phrases that are most likely to drive qualified traffic to your site.

Cost: $750.00

Step 2: Landing Page Development

You will need three landing pages written and optimized for the 3 keyword phrases that you select.

Cost: $300.00

Step 3: Content Creation and Back Linking

Our local search engine optimization package is the ideal way to create and distribute custom content to quality websites that contain back links to your landing pages. We focus on three keywords in our service.

How Our Content Creation and Back Linking Process Works

  • You choose three key phrases
  • We write at least one original article
  • We create five snippets and six re-written versions of that article
  • We post your quality content to several well trusted websites for quality syndication
  • Three in-text follow links from quality indexed websites
  • We place your new content on established web 2.0 properties (example wordpress.com)
  • We social media announce your content
  • All content posts will be bookmarked
  • You will receive a monthly report outlining the completed work including your before and after ranking position

Cost: $478.00 per month (minimum 6 month contract)

NOTE: If our initial keyword research indicates that there isn’t a sufficient amount of traffic to see a return on your investment, Step 2: Landing Page Development and Step 3: Content Creation and Back Linking will be cancelled and you won’t be charged for these two services.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". It improves your website’s ranking in the "natural" results of major search engines such as Google. When prospective clients are searching for your products or services, you want your business to appear on the 1st page of Google search results.

Best Marketing Investment

  • 72% of businesses who sell to local markets rate SEO as their best Return On Investment marketing tactic.
  • 74% of search engine users had a favorable impression of businesses that appeared in the top positions of natural search results.
  • 77% of search engine users click on natural search listings before paid search listings.